FVA / FVC engines.
We manufacture all the major components for these engines.

We offer both cast iron and aluminium blocks, which are both able to run at up to 90mm bore, giving any capacity from 1600cc to 2000cc in various configurations.

Our cylinder heads can accommodate 1.4 inlet valves and 1.2 exhaust valves to compliment the 2ltr capacity.

Every component is new and manufactured to the highest standard.

The price for a new FVC engine with fuel injection built and ready to fit including dyno testing.

£27,500 (plus VAT if applicable).

During 2009 we completely re-made all the parts that make up the FVA / FVC engines.

All parts have been manufactured to our exact specification and have proven themselves
on the dyno and on the track to be very competitive and reliable.

BDA / BDG engines.
We are also pleased to offer new BDA and BDG engines, using all new components.

Lotus Twin Cam engines.
Our Lotus twin cams come in all forms from full FIA spec. wet sump & mechanical ignition
to up to 2 litre dry sump, alloy blocked, with electronic ignition.

Our engines are successfully competing in HSCC Derek Bell, Historic F2, HSCC Guards Trophy,
FIA Masters Sports Cars, Gentleman Drivers, HSCC Martini and numerous other races and series throughout the world.

Replica ‘L’ Block with a difference!

The manufacture of this block started some 12 months ago to overcome the shortage of blocks to build FVA / FVC engines.

The period blocks are now obsolete and the standard ‘L’ block proved unsuitable because it was made weak during production by putting a cross drilling just above the centre main bearing causing failure in this application.

Completely new pattern work has been made. The crankcase area has been made stronger with increased wall thickness. The water jacket was reduced in size to increase the blocks stiffness; this also enables the bores to be increased above 86mm which was normally the maximum achievable without making the wall thickness too thin.

The obvious solution was to Siamese the cylinder bores similar to the BDG block. This has been done and our block will take a 90mm bore with ease. The casting of these blocks is of outstanding quality and second to none.

During the 2009 season it came to light that some competitors were using alloy blocks at 2ltr. On discovering this we made the necessary pattern work alterations to enable us to cast alloy as well as iron. The first alloy blocked FVC was used with great success at the end of 2009, claiming fastest lap and the lap record at the Algarve circuit on its debut.

Many hours have been spent on the dyno with great results and no failures. Our block looks externally correct, unlike others currently on the market. Our block can be used in both wet and dry sump applications; however this does have to be stipulated at time of order.

But that's not all!

We also specialise in building race engines for historic and classic cars, with commissions currently taken for:

    * Cosworth FVA/FVC.
    * Cosworth BDA /BDG.
    * Lotus Twin Cam.
    * Formula Junior Ford and MAE.
    * Ford Pinto for FF2000 and Sports 2000.

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